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About JUST Love

JUST Love and Its Pure Ingredients

JUST Love is a unique, versatile All In One sensual pleasure, massage oil and moisturizer that is not only ultra pleasurable, silky smooth, long lasting and delicious, but is also actually good for you, your body and your overall health and wellness. We have dedicated the making of our products to the most sensitive and discerning individuals who expect only the best, most natural and healthy ingredients along with offering the utmost maximum performance. Each and every formula has been specially created to nourish and condition delicate skin, enhance sensory pleasures and intimacy. JUST Love is a blissful escape to an exotic land, a special vacation in another part of the world and an enjoyable rendezvous even at home.


We believe firmly that if a skin care product is going to be used on and in your body- it better be good and safe enough to eat right out of the bottle too! Each and every element of JUST Love has been very carefully selected for what it brings to the formula. For our main ingredient, the base of the formula, we use the purest coconut MCT (Medium-chain Triglyceride) oil which is directly extracted from cold expeller pressed non GMO virgin coconut oil.


Coconut oil in general and in its purest form, MCT oil, has exploded onto the health and nutrition scene as the most healthful oil yet discovered to be used internally or externally. Its unique properties include being antimicrobial in nature[i][ii][iii][iv], having fat burning[v][vi] and anti-oxidative properties[vii],  can help heal wounds and skin irritations[viii] and is the only vegetable oil that can be absorbed through cell walls  into the skin[ix], blood sugar reducing[x] and fat loss promoting[xi]. Coconut oil has been declared good for your heart[xii][xiii][xiv] as it is a good cholesterol, good for your brain and nervous system[xv][xvi], good for your intestinal tract[xvii] and good for the skin[xviii].  Coconut oil is uniquely special. It is one of very few oils found to be made up of medium-chain triglycerides, which is the most bio-available fatty acid [xix]that is needed for healthy cell membranes and stable to oxidative stress[xx] (which also makes it most ideal for consumption, heating & cooking). Coconut oil can also enhance physical performance, increase endurance[xxi][xxii] , it supports your immune system,[xxiii]can kill Candida in vitro[xxiv] and suppresses the accumulation of body fat[xxv]   It makes the best oil for use as a skin cleansing and conditioning oil and a massage and sensual pleasure oil for all intimate activities as it is silky, long lasting, very slick, won’t clog pores or harbor bacteria, thin enough to maintain maximum feeling during intimacy, never sticky or thick and greasy, can be used in water and using a little goes a really long way.


Besides all those compelling and scientifically proven reasons to use Coconut MCT Oil, it also blends perfectly with our other organic premium oils and botanical ingredients in our JUST Love formula. Each and every ingredient we use, like our Green Tea seed oil, Argan oil and Marshmallow leaf, is chosen for its amazing anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, skin soothing and skin healing properties, taste, feel and moisturizing abilities. There are absolutely zero chemicals or preservatives in our products. No dyes, perfumes or artificial flavors. No gluten, soy, corn, cheap oils, water or fillers.


Our proprietary blend is downright tasty and another great reason why we chose to be the first company to use coconut MCT oil and other premium ingredients for our intimate line of products. Our natural flavors in our flavored JUST Love versions are certified USDA organic from 100% plant sources with no sugar added. Our label ‘Original Unflavored’ has its own delicate sweetness naturally derived from fruit oils and extracts with nothing else added and is perfect for the extra sensitive person who has extreme dietary and cosmetic restrictions.

The beauty of JUST Love is that it IS an ‘All In One’ product and can be used in a multitude of ways being that it is formulated for sensitive skin and bodies and is wonderfully nourishing to delicate, sensitive and dry skin. JUST Love can be enjoyed as a massage oil, edible sensual pleasure lubricating oil, feminine moisturizer for vaginal dryness, shave oil to eliminate razor burn, make up remover and an all over face and body skin moisturizer for deep cleansing and conditioning.  Just Love does not need to be washed off after use as it is not sticky or greasy, will not stain sheets or clothing and it naturally melts into your skin leaving it feeling like velvet. You can enjoy JUST Love in good health, feeling confident that you have made the best healthy lifestyle choice for yourself and your loved one.


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